Sunday, 5 January 2014


Recording Time: 6:30pm

 Song: Good Time
Singer(s): Owl City

Hopped into a cab, take me anywhere
I'm in if you're down to get down tonight
Cuz it's always a good time "


Yes, who will say that being with someone you don't know or someone you only know because of blogging can really get along well in just one snap of your finger.

I really have a "good time" with my fellow bloggers friends yesterday. I already meet Arvin, Kat, Fiel, and Geosep before. Now aside from them, I had an opportunity to meet Jonathan of Metaphorically Speaking. Jonathan is a teacher from Thailand for 16 years.

Jonathan followed my other blog ( Kwentong baliw ng isang Rixophrenic!!!) and got the chance to have a lot of  good conversations and share things, thoughts and ideas on that page.

I had a great time speding my whole afternoon, evening and even dawn with the guys...

We are so spontaneous that in just a snap of our fingers we go to one place to another hahaha (from San Mateo, to Riverbanks, to SM Marikina, to Timog.)

We eat, sing, and drink like there's no tomorrow.

Its nice to have a lot of friends, weather its online or offline.. I really had a "GOOD TIME"

Jollibee, San Mateo
Marikina, Riverbanks
thanks for this pasalubong Sir Jonathan ehehe