Sunday, 6 October 2013


Recording Time: 9:52am

I must admit, this song is running on my brain for quite sometime now.. I was enjoying the song but I never saw the video until one Saturday afternoon.... PAAAAKKKKK!!!!

Katy Perry is swinging on the vines of the tree and the background was Taal Volcano? 


If that was really Taal Volcano of Batangas then I must say.... Its really fun here in the Philippines because you can see Katy Perry just swinging on Taal Lake hahaha.

Kidding aside, This song really boost my confidence for some reason...  For those people who always see me as worthless... well, "You're gonna hear me  ROAR!!!!" lolz..

I've seen a lot of roar covers in youtube but my personal favorite is the acappella version of this male group with American Idol Season 9 finalist Andrew Garcia... check this out:

Song: Katy Perry
Singer(s): Roar