Saturday, 13 December 2014

12.13.14 playlist

Recording Time: 1:51am

Was so bored while waiting for the task I perform to be completed when I decided to tickle my phone and hit the music icon.
My outdated phone started playing the songs when I realized that the songs being played are from The Corrs.
I can say that once in my life I became a fan of this Band
I bought not only cassette tapes (very old school) but cds as well.
Below are my top 10 fave Corrs' Songs:
10) Breathless
9) Old town
8) What can I do?
7) Intimacy
6) Love to Love you
5) Irresistible
4) Runaway
3) Angel
2) Radio
1) Summer sunshine
Nostalgic isn't it? I feel like I was in high school lolz
How about you? What is your top 10 Corrs' song?