Sunday, 22 September 2013

emo weather playlist..

Recording Time: 4:44pm

It's still a rainy day, good day to set your emo mode on lolz.

Kidding a side, I was having a good conversation with my father when I turned on my playlist so that we can also have a good music while sipping our coffee. It was funny because even my playlist can feel what I feel.

Here are the first 10 song that my playlist played:

1) Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin

- I really like the beat of this song, the story and the melody. The song somehow tells about the story of a person who wants to avenge what happen to a friend/love.  *buti pa sya, ipaghiganti nyo nga rin ako... lolz*  This song was a hit back in 1997 and won a grammy on 1998.

2) I Cant Make You Love Me - Adele 

- A Bonnie Raitt original. Yes some how this song really have an impact on me. You really cannot force someone to love you if they don't want to.. That is a big "haist!", yes I know...

3) Take It All - Adele

- This song also reap my heart lolz. Its about giving everything that you have but still your stupid partner leave you (can you feel the emotion? lolz)...

4) Man Who Can't Be Move - The Scripts

- Yes somehow I still have in me that maybe one day that person will realize everything and go back to that place where we meet and yadah yadah, yadah yadah but come on man! I'm just hoping ahahaha.

5) Crossroad - Bonethugs and Harmony

- Why? well this is part of my emo mode.... This song is dedicated to those who hurt me.... See you guys in the crossroad... LOLZ!

6) How To Save A Life - The Fray

- Hayzt, like what I said earlier, does anyone know how to save a life? can you please save mine ahaha.. Rain, look what you did to me? so much emo ahaha.

7) If I Die Young - The Band Perry

- Now you know what to do when I die young lolz. I love this song as well. I like the arrangement of the song and the musical instrument they use to have this master piece.

8) In My Dreams - REO Speadwagon

- And I don't know really what it means, all I know is that you love me...........In my dreams... OUCH!!!

9) When Love and Hate Collide - Def Leppard

- Well maybe you know what happen If love and hate collide right? well not too much of the lyrics now, another 90's song that I love.

10) I Crave - Mark Dorsey

- i'm planning to make a video blog of me singing this song unfortunately the net is not cooperating. Also ahaha I think this would be foolish like the other video blog I posted, so just enjoy the music lolz...

Enjoy Guys...


  1. anyare sa bone thugs? muntik na ma OP sa list hehe ^_^

    ituloy na ang video blog! ^_^

    1. Nyahaha alam mo yan? pero kahit ganun man ang ng yari kasama talaga sya di ba? lolz.

      lolz wag na daw baka di umalis yung bagyo...

  2. Waah, anu ba yan... hindi ako familiar sa mga songs lol

    Tama na ang emo mode, tapos na ang pagulans!

    1. hay naku sana nga tapos na yan ahaha.

  3. Fave ko yan dati, yung number 8.
    Reminds me of the past...

    1. wow ehehehe. medyo masakit sa damdamin noh? lolz

  4. gusto ko yong i crace ni mark dorsey meron ako nyan sa rnb playlist ko actually harot ang kanta na yan hahahaha charriingggg hahahahaha haayymissyyoooo rixx!!!

    sige go gumawa na ng vblog para masaya namiss ko na boses mo kaya kanta ka ulet ha hahahaha


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