Saturday, 13 December 2014

12.13.14 playlist

Recording Time: 1:51am

Was so bored while waiting for the task I perform to be completed when I decided to tickle my phone and hit the music icon.
My outdated phone started playing the songs when I realized that the songs being played are from The Corrs.
I can say that once in my life I became a fan of this Band
I bought not only cassette tapes (very old school) but cds as well.
Below are my top 10 fave Corrs' Songs:
10) Breathless
9) Old town
8) What can I do?
7) Intimacy
6) Love to Love you
5) Irresistible
4) Runaway
3) Angel
2) Radio
1) Summer sunshine
Nostalgic isn't it? I feel like I was in high school lolz
How about you? What is your top 10 Corrs' song?



  1. The first time I heard their songs, I was 5 yrs old. My favorites are Breathless & Runaway, cause those are the songs I am only familiar with.

    1. anak ng pigs! hahaha 5 yrs old?! so that! u just reminded us ilang taon na kami! charot!! hahahaha parang ang tanda kong super sikat dyan lately eh yang runaway na yan dahil yan madalas kong naririnig sa kasal, kaloka! hahaha pero yong all time favorite ng lahat sa kantahan eh yang breathless! oh aminin mo! hahahaha pang videoke yan eh! hahahaha


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